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03-2002 Ab18 AVS: young women in boots, platforms; used underwear and shoes
03-2002 Amazing Fetish Scans scaned images of models in kinky footwear
03-2002 Amazing Shoes Gallery feet in boots, mules, sandals, ballets, high heels; page with celebrities too
03-2002 Andrew's High Heel Page mules, boots, platforms and high heels; many pages
03-2002 Aux Pieds d'Elisa the sexy feet of Elisa, a French woman; bare feet, in mules, sandals, boots and more
03-2002 Awsome Rose Rose wearing lingerie, high heels and boots
03-2002 Babes In Boots a nice place with babes in boots
03-2002 BBCD Boots Page women in boots, used boot; many pages
03-2002 Belles de Jour, Exposition Virtuelle photos in the street with focus on legs, shoes and boots
03-2002 Boot Mistress AVS: boots and domination
03-2002 Bootique (the) NEW URL - AVS: focus on women in boots and on the worship of boots
03-2002 Bootlovers Online a source online for outrageous fetish boots
03-2002 Boots Boots and Boots Group Group: boots fetish
03-2002 Bootslaves.com dedicated to loving of the art of bootlicking and domination; paying site
03-2002 Booty Beauty Slaves Museum asian babes in platform boots; exhibition, submission
03-2002 Booty Call celebrity boots galleries
03-2002 Buffalo-Style.de all about buffalo boots, German style
03-2002 Ca me botte a French site about boots; drawings
03-2002 Charm Imagination a boots site with nice photos; Japonese site
03-2002 Der Stiefellover boots and shoes job; German site
03-2002 ErdbeerFee.de.vu - Nylons & Heels feet in nylons, high heels, boots; exhibition from Germany
03-2002 Fetish-Park Trampling AVS: several places about trampling; in boots, in shoes, under bare feet
03-2002 Foot & Heels Fantasies the common site of Dark-Fashions and me for contributions and guests
03-2002 Girlsonthestreet.de buffalo, sandals, boots, jeans and co
03-2002 Good Stivali many pics of women in boots; Italian site
03-2002 High Boots Club a TGP for ladies in kneehigh boots
03-2002 High Heels Club a very nice site with feet in high heels, sandals, boots and more
03-2002 Hujschi - Private Schuhfetischseite Hujschi in boots and buffalos; shoejobs with AVS
03-2002 Jana's Homepage under reconstruction - feet, pumps, buffalo's shoes, sox, crushing and more
03-2002 Karens High Heels Page sandals, high heels, boots
03-2002 Kneehighboots.co.uk galleries of women in boots, contributions, movies, Chat, stories
03-2002 Lady Brigette many pics with Lady Brigette's feet in high heels, mules, boots; German site
03-2002 Lady Dominique boots, crushing and videos; in German
03-2002 Lame-Mis-Botas Group Group: men under women's boots; from Argentina
03-2002 Mules de BrigitteM (les) under reconstruction - Brigitte's pretty feet in mules, sandals, boots; pedal pumping, exhibition, fetishism
03-2002 PaarRE's High Heels and Nylon many pages with nylon, feet, high heels, platforms, mules, sandals, crushing; German site
03-2002 Passion Talons pages with Nets pictures about feet in high heels and stockings, crushing; a French site
03-2002 Pippa's Place messy boots
03-2002 Pretty Feet and Toes - Ms Taz's Page pages with many pretty photos in many pages
03-2002 Ridingboots.net women in horse riding clothes and boots
03-2002 Rubber Boots - Bottes en Caoutchouc NEW URL - pics of women in rubber boots; a French site
03-2002 Shoes Up Close closeups of used boots, GTS
03-2002 Soft Size 9 Feet many foot categories
03-2002 Talons Fashion Love high heels, platforms, sandals; warning, men in high heels too
03-2002 Talons-Passion high heels, boots, platforms, stockings and legs; French site
03-2002 Thigh Boots Only 2 Group Group: about thigh boots
03-2002 Thighboots.com a pay site for women in boots; some samples
03-2002 Trendy Glamour very nice photos of feet in sandals, in mules and in sexy shoes
03-2002 Vixens High Heel & Boot Fetish about boots fetish and high heels, with trampling
03-2002 Wet and Messy Shoe Page (the) messy shoes with photos and stories; videos, Chat
03-2002 Wife's Fetish Heels high heels and boots; clips
03-2002 Zetton's Boots & Legs Fetish japonese site of legs and boots
02-2002 Babes and Boots AVS: babes wearing boots
02-2002 Bmdswb - Denise Homepage Denise in platform boots, buffalo boots, crushing; Chat room
02-2002 Boot-Lovers-Personals Group Group: a meeting place about boots
02-2002 Boots-on-net.de babes in boots, in high heels; legs, pages with AVS, German site
02-2002 Buffaloladies buffalo shoes, crushing, trampling, used shoes; from Germany
02-2002 Feet Fetish Dream Theater videos from Japan; trampling, crushing, boots fetish, worship, used shoes
02-2002 Fem Boots Video videos with women in boots
02-2002 FetishWorld.cc all types of boots, buffalos, crushing & trampling, feet & high heels; pay site
02-2002 Girls Wearing Doc Martens II Group Group: pictures of girls' Doc Martens boots and shoes
02-2002 Go-Go Boots Online women in boots; many pages
02-2002 Love&Boots boot and shoe worship; videos
02-2002 Mary's Shoe Collection the shoes of Mary: sandals with heels or without heels
02-2002 Mistress Beckys Playground trampling, crushing, boots, buffalos; clips
02-2002 Universal Boot Lickers Club Club: about boots and bootlicking from Greece; English language
02-2002 Wetboots.com women wearing boots, wet and muddy boots, boot shop
01-2002 Boot Queen for boots fans; clips with beautiful women
01-2002 Boots Job bootjobs and trampling
01-2002 Crushing Cruel Feet crushing under boots
01-2002 Feet, Shoes, Crush, Trample - Feet Master high heels, boots and crushing; clips
01-2002 Josch's Fetisch-Gallery high heels, boots, corsets and bondage
01-2002 Metal Taps on Shoes and Boots Club Club: for high heels with metal taps
01-2002 Overknee-Paradise overknee boots and overknee stockings
01-2002 Pieds d'Isabelle (les) - Charme en Talons Hauts the pretty feet of Isabelle; bare feet and high heels
01-2002 Trampled in Boots Club Club: boot trampling and boot licking
12-2001 Heelsworld.de sandals, mules, platforms, boots, high heels; members area
12-2001 Knee High Boots Turkey Group Group: a place to talk about ladies in boots
12-2001 Rics Babeland Galleries babes in high heels, shoes and boots, collected from the Net; many pics
12-2001 Roots of Boots Links & Forum Page AVS: a web directory for fetish boots sites and a message-board
12-2001 Wide World of Boots (the) women in boots, Chat room, pedal pumping page with clips
11-2001 Gatas de Botas - Girl with Boots boots fetish and boot worship; many pages, Nets pics, English and Portuguese versions
11-2001 Giantess in Boots Group Group: giant ladies wearing boots
11-2001 Russian Female Feet Fetish many good photos in several pages
10-2001 Boot Stories stories about boot worship and foot worship; English and French
10-2001 Boot Worship AVS: boot worship
10-2001 Boots, glorious Boots women wearing boots
10-2001 High Boots - Stivali Alti about fashion shots featuring high heel boots
10-2001 Keranen62's Home Page a Scandinavian site; heeljobs, boots, high heels
10-2001 Swedish Shoe Girls (the) feet, shoes, boots and stockings worship and more; originals

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