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Voyager schrieb am 31.1. 2003 um 15:17:42 Uhr über


[No One Is Innocent]

Why do they discredit the only thing I'm living for. Now that's the reason why men are going to war. Bullshit this is MFucking bullshit. Selling love to ya packed up like a gift. Let it out, let it out. Slave to the market I don't buy; what they want us to do is not to give a fight.

I'm laughing babe I'm laughing, 'cause everybody's playing with what you got inside, in the name of love and ine the name of Jesus-Christ, they come to you babe and break your heart; here you come here you come as stupid you are to believe it: some love to sell and some love to buy.

Everybody's playing waiting for you to die, so wake up babe and stand up.

They learn your love babe, they learn your love.

Come into my life come into my side. Sweet honey o! your universe is cold. Lost love is near. All you got to know is that they want your tears.

They learn your love babe they learn your love

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