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Yadgar schrieb am 24.5. 2015 um 23:27:15 Uhr zu


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I read your letter,
I got it just the other day
You seem so happy,
so funny how time melts away
It's such pleasure
to see you growing
and how you're sending
your love through the air today

I think of Heaven
each time I see you walking there,
and as you're walking
I think of children everywhere
It's in your starsign,
you're growing stronger,
I can't believe you,
it's so good to care

Through enchantment, into sunlight,
angels touched your eyes
Your highness, electric
so surprised

Is this your first life?
It seems as though you have lived before,
you help me hold on,
you have a heart like an open door
You sing so sweetly,
my love adores you,
she does, she's thinking
of you right now, I know

The summer's coming,
I'll keep in touch, so you're not alone,
then like a swallow,
you'll fly away like birds have flown,
so let me tell you
how much I love you,
I'd make the songbirds
sing for you again

Well, now it's good-night,
sweet angel, read this letter well...

(Jon & Vangelis)

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