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Johannes schrieb am 21.12. 2004 um 18:24:14 Uhr über


Windir - Resurrection of The Wild

Every move that we make are for our own sake
You see yourself in the eye of others
why the hell do you brother?

You are the civil man dying for a promised land
I live in the wilderness to avoid the human emptiness

Firstborn in the hall of the mountain
Wandering through the endless woods
Surviving on weaker creatures
This solitary ambience feels so good

With love for myself I have no need for pride
I avoid hum contact I live my own life
Your aggressive and selfish fright
keep you awake every night

You hide in the shadows from the past
But the past resurrects and makes the pain last
Wounds from times best forgotten
Are reopening with a smell so rotten

In the hours of despair
When wounds open and grief overwhelms
You close your eyes and cherish moments
From a simple yet so perfect time
When anxiety didn't haunt your mind

A variety of choices
Multiplicity of stupidity
Either path chosen
Lead in the same direction
The abyss seem unavoidable
For the man without affections

vom Album: Likferd

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