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In case you are wondering whatem” means, I think they are actually saying “um” but with their Irish accents it sounds more like “emSo there you go. Hey, I just type it like I hear it!

<p>LINDSAY: Em, Im Lindsay
<p>SINEAD: …and Im Sinead.
<p>LINDSAY: And were from…
<p>SINEAD: B*Witched! (both laugh)
<p>INTERVIEWER: Ok, now what was it like for you to be singing those great ABBA songs then there this afternoon at the awards?
<p>LINDSAY: Its actually brilliant, actually. The songs are so catchy weve just been humming them all day. I think everyone’s been humming them.
<p>SINEAD: Yeah
<p>INTERVIEWER: Do you want…
<p>SINEAD: (interrupts the interviewer) I think as well when were on stage as well you just want to really want to get up and dance and have a good time, so its been really good, like.
<p>LINDSAY: We actually, em, the choreography…we hadn’t seen the choreography before this morning so I think everybody learned the choreography in about 3 hours flat (laughs) so it was pretty funny.
<p>INTERVIEWER: It works, as aas the idea of an ABBA medley, its just a great
<p>LINDSAY: (interrupts) Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think everybody just, just does it really well.
<p>INTERVIEWER: And your voices, actually, when you hear the track its the B*Witched voices you canI dont know if youve got particularly distinctive voices, but you can hear them coming through.
<p>SINEAD: Yeah, um, well II hope thats good actually! (laughs) But em, I mean everybody is there so its just aI think we all just blended quite well. I mean youve got so many people there with different voices and they’ve just done a brilliant job. They’ve mixed it really well so you can kind of hear everybody…nobodys really kinda screeching out there.
<p>INTERVIEWER: (talking to someone in background) Yeah, Kims alright…were alright…dont worry…
<p>SINEAD: (laughs)
<p>INTERVIEWER: She’s like your mother, isn’t she?
<p>SINEAD: Yeah, absolutely (laughs again)
<p>INTERVIEWER: And em, I mean, what about nerves on the night because, you know, the rehearsal’s one thing, but actually performing in front of all the industry and so on
<p>SINEAD: Yeah, I think its justwere going to be excited, really.
<p>LINDSAY: Yeah
<p>SINEAD: I mean, were gonna try and get…do the choreography over again so were really comfortable, but I mean, I think its such a big event were just gonna go out and have a good time.
<p>LINDSAY: I think, yeah, the main thing is to have a good time cause, you know, there’s like how many acts? There’s 4 or 5 acts and were all just on stage together and its not every day you get a chance to do that so were just gonna get out there and have fun.
<p>INTERVIEWER: But, uh, the BJON from ABBA is gonna be there on the night.
<p>SINEAD: Maybeeeee…(laughs)
<p>LINDSAY: Supposed to be a secret…
<p>SINEAD: There’s rumors about them appearing so we dont know whether or not they’re definitely gonna be coming, so have to wait and see
<p>LINDSAY: (in background) Wait and see
<p>SINEAD: But it would be good if they actually did come.
<p>INTERVIEWER: Now what do you think about the idea of releasing this as a single?
<p>LINDSAY: I think its great.
<p>SINEAD: Yeah.
<p>LINDSAY: I really do. Im really excited about the idea. I hope it does happen. (laughs).
<p>INTERVIEWER: Well, apparently, it is definitely happening.
<p>SINEAD: Yeah. You know more than we do…(laughs)
<p>INTERVIEWER: And its for the Brits charity…(rest is inaudible because both Lindsay and Sinead interrupt with Lindsay saying “right, cool, thats right” while Sinead is saying “thats right, eh, yeah”)
<p>INTERVIEWER: And you approve of the idea?
<p>LINDSAY: Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah.
<p>INTERVIEWER: And the idea you’ll all probably have to get together again to do this on Top Of The Pops?
<p>LINDSAY: Oh thatd be brilliant.
<p>SINERAD: (laughs) Thatd be a laugh. Thatd be really good fun.
<p>LINDSAY: Excellent!

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