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21 October 2014
Open Letter to Bill Gates
Founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

With an endowment of US$38 billion, your philanthropic foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, has the means necessary to make a great and positive impact on the global community. While I commend you for dedicating your time, means and effort to enhancing healthcare and reducing extreme poverty globally, I cannot agree with the methods you have chosen to accomplish these worthwhile goals; methods that are neither legal nor ethical and are backfiring throughout the world, as the universal rejection of sterilizing vaccines and proprietary GMOs that you fund and promote in the world clearly demonstrates. Poverty and war will never loosen their grip on mankind unless the global population is stabilized and gradually reduced to a sustainable level while resources are traded across the globe through the open markets, which is why the international community has revolved around the depopulation/globalization agenda since the inception of the United Nations and the Bretton Woods financial system in 1945. In 2000, when you decided to create the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, you coupled your considerable resources to an already existing global infrastructure geared entirely towards depopulation; an infrastructure set in place by the policy makers of the Allied Powers to preserve the world from the scourge of war, which this time around, due to nuclear weapons, would lead to assured mutual destruction. Undoubtedly influenced by your father, who served on the board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the U.S. affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), you decided to aid the depopulation effort by concentrating on developing sterilizing vaccines that could be provided under various pretexts as maternal and child health services throughout the developing world, where the chemical methods of population control covertly employed throughout the western world since 1945 could not be applied due to lack of infrastructure and financial means. Your second focus is biotechnology, the most modern method of population control developed by the US government in collaboration with the military-industrial complex, and you are consequently pushing the use of GMOs throughout the world. In the era of government transparency and digital communication, secrets are no longer possible and the covert methods and means developed and used by previous generations have become common knowledge and the object of great and justified condemnation. Conceiving new covert methods of chemical or biological sterilization in the vain hope of subverting the human reproductive system without peoples knowledge or consent only adds to the existing anger and disdain people throughout the word have come to feel towards the elites. Ignoring this justified anger will inevitably lead to global war and to the extermination of the 1% by the 99% through conventional conflict, which would render futile seven decades of effort and sacrifices to preserve the peace. Because you have chosen the wrong approach to pursue noble goals, the vast amounts of money you dedicate and that harm more people than they help have made you and your foundation extremely unpopular. More than this, the goals intended by your philanthropy will remain out of reach. For the simple reality is this: science and technology will never be capable of subverting the reproductive system without doing great harm to human health. Reproduction is too vital to the perpetuation of the species and the ability to reproduce is therefore deeply embedded in human anatomy and physiology, which is why it cannot be targeted in isolation. The only way to safely lower fertility down to replacement level is through barrier methods and their application requires the participation of all men and women, which means that people have to assume personal responsibility for limiting the size of their families. Of course, you do not have to be a doctor or a scientist to know this simple truth and that means that you are surrounded by feeble-minded and self-serving people who advise you from their own ignorance or in their own best interests in order to secure research grants that keep them employed in their métiers at the cost and to the detriment of the global population. Ultimately, it is your legacy that will suffer and along with it this and future generations. If you want to be successful in your philanthropic and demographic objectives I suggest you aid me in forging global consensus for population control legislation that applies worldwide and emanates from the global governance level. Halting and reducing the global population is a Planetary Security Prerogative given the dire environmental, social and economic state of the planet and this means that religious and cultural objections are completely irrelevant in the face of the existential threats we face; threats that must be openly recognized as such and enshrined in international law without delay so that every human being on the planet knows what we all need to do and that we can only do it together.
I have recently formulated the three constituent parts of such a Planetary Security Prerogative which in short are (1) compulsory replacement level fertility for all people on earth, (2) the right to die at the time of ones choosing, and (3) ecological optimum population targets for every country on earth and have presented them to the NATO supreme command for consideration. In addition, I am addressing every head of state personally to give them the opportunity to cease and desist all covert methods of depopulation, as well as all international organizations and multinational corporations involved in the depopulation agenda. The idea is to give them the opportunity to help me change the international system from covert to overt population control. Last but not least, I am exposing the methods and means, past and present, as well as the latest strategies of depopulation and informing the public at large that our own governments and the international community wage a war of attrition against us, innocent civilians, in violation of every national and international legal covenant and in disdain of all moral norms. As such, your work undermines my efforts and vice versa, which is a waste of energy and ensures only stagnation, for while you have vast financial resources and a well-entrenched coalition of individuals and forces on your side, I have the truth, the rule of law, democracy, decency, justice and the love of every parent and of every child on this planet on my side. It makes no sense for you and your partners to continue to fight me and the world. Not only will you lose, but you will also deprive mankind of the little time we have left to act before our civilization and our planet become the victims of human folly.



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