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While I do agree that artists should be paid for their work, it is also important to start a fanbase. This is especially true in new bands, parody artists and indie labels. By allowing third party recording tools, artists can assure that they are being heard. What do most people do when they hear a killer new track from some obscure band? They tell their friends, who then tell their own friends. Soon, groups of friends are making plans to go to venues, they're buying merchandise to decorate their rooms and they're telling complete strangers about this kickass new band by wearing the t-shirts and jewelry supporting said band. So what, they took a song or two from a third party recording tool? Chances are they ran out and bought the CD later. And if they didn't, well they just purchased hundred of dollars in merchandise, booked a flight to the closest venue and spent hours cramped in a mosh pit with complete strangers.

Another good reason to allow third party recording tools, is an equal opportunity. These bands are at least getting recognition for their work, even if they aren't paid top dollar every single time. But by demanding that they make the full amount on every single sale, is really showing that they can't be bothered with their fans that suffer from poverty. In Canada and the United States, for the last several years the unemployment rate and homelessness rate has skyrocketed. How many people are now going hungry? What if I have a friend of mine over, and I want to cheer her up because she just lost her 4th job in six months? What if she can't afford food for herself? I invite her over, feed her and to cheer her up I decide to make her a CD of her favourite band. But wait, we can't really afford to do that, can we? Because while she's starving, the band she really loves doesn't care. They'd rather she give them her last few dollars to listen to her music instead of using it to pay her bills this month. It isn't like they know what she's going through. If maybe, they're a little understanding and allow her to use a free recording tool while she's down on her luck, she's more likely to remember that band when she finally gets the job of her dreams. Now she can follow them on tour across country, buying merchandise at every single stop.

These are just a few of the reasons I have for supporting third party recording tools. I have been using them for years, but I never forget the bands themselves. I have several other reasons, but really, do I need to continue? I think I've made my points quite clear.

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