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The participants will try to continue their normal lives as much as possible. They will meet their friends and family and experience all the normal things that may happen. However they have signed a contract with 'The Master', who will constantly interfere and turn their lives upside down with individual orders to build up the characters of the candidates. When will this way of life cause a conflict? How soon will they beg for a bit of privacy? They cannot communicate directly with 'The Master', no matter how desperate they are. But they can turn to the camera and ask 'The Master' for help. Will he take them into his protection? Only 'The Master' can decide. Every month the two participants will also have to face competitions with new candidates, who will present themselves as better and more interesting participants and who will try to eliminate them and take their places. As requested by 'The Master', the audience will select their favorites from three men and women. One thing is for sure: After Masterplan your life will never be the same.
Original title: Masterplan
Genre: Real Life Soap
Original Timeslot: Prime Time
Producer: Endemol Nederland
Original Length: 25-50 Minutes
Availability: Format
Running: Yes
Countries: P -
Contact: Henk-Jan Rutgers, television@endemol.nl


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