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axeltigges schrieb am 27.12. 2004 um 07:27:45 Uhr über


Climate: Scotland yard foggy
xbox: Halo2
Reading: risen magazine
Watching: borne identity, closer
Listening to: the rasmus, joy division ‘atmosphere’, the smiths
Eating: when I get the shakes
Drinking: Bruichladdich scotch 15yr

The cool people at Q101 had us over to the station on Thursday for an interview after which they premiered two KH demos. The response has been crazy positive. Other than that, weve been maintaining status quo. Write/record/write/record/sleep/repeat. Lately Ive been taking the train out to garret's each morning to lose my voice tracking vocals and to terrorize his cats. This week were putting the final touches onacid rain’ and another new track called ‘lips like codeine’.
Dan and greg are in NYC for some meetings.

Ps; each day I check my inbox, and have to spend 5 minutes deleting spam. Its starting to get redundant. I just hope that at some point these online porn companies will start to get more creative with their subject headers. Two of the more sophisticated emails I got this morning were:
1. Massive dick in action
2. Hot Old Whores

mmmmm. thanks. I think I’ll pass

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