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wolf gang <fake> schrieb am 9.6. 2010 um 00:04:13 Uhr über


I should be doing something for spanish right now. But instead I'm gonna tell you about the weird situation with me and my sexuality... Right now there's only one girl I can think of. But I can't tell her about my feelings. I'm not strong and brave enough somehow, which makes me cry sometimes lol. BUT do I want to have a girlfriend? I don't want to have a boyfriend, that's for sure... But (and that's the point) would I mind to have sex with a boy? I wouldn't mind to have sex with that girl and girls in general, that's for sure as well... Creepy situation for me :D and who got me into that? My so called friends who didn't gave me the confidence to express sexuality (only my point of view, probably a bit selfish lol...)but they don't do it by thereselves either - poor individuals. That's also the reason why I'm so happy on the outsight...only to hide my fear on the insight. The fear of the real sexuality. I know that the sexual revelution has started already (and I think it's not done yet - honestly! There's much more we can learn...), but I think I need to start one on my own. Just for me. Whoever reads this...don't pay attention to my nonsense. It's crazy but so true lol...hahaha. The idea about the personal sexual revelution of mine is great :D I'm kind of proud of it hahaha

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