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main characters
Dr. Alfred Poole, a botanist
Loola, a gravedigger
the Chief, head of the state
the Arch-Vicar, head of the church

background situation
after the Third World War, a group of scientists comes to North America
most parts of the earth are radioactively polluted
Dr. Poole is kidnapped by three men during research on polluted plants

he is asked by the Chief to help the society because there is no industry
soon he gets to know Loola and falls in love with her
he often discusses with the Arch-Vicar about history and the reasons for the destruction of the world
Poole learns about the state-controlled mating procedure and is disgusted by it
at the end, he tries to escape to the community of the so-called »Hots« because a life in freedom is only possible there

'Ape' and 'Essence'
'Ape' symbolizes the early stages in the development of humanity
'Essence' means the underlying, fundamental nature

development of Alfred Poole
at the beginning he had many problems with human contacts as if he had always lived behind a glass plate
but once he knows Loola he learns quite quickly about love and gets familiar with that
although he seems to adopt the behaviour of the society, he never shares the Arch-Vicar's opinion and in the end, he tries to escape


1997-2008 Dominik Brettnacher

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