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The Kotzst÷ckchen is a device to speed up the process G÷bel, as described in the following poem:

Deep within me a stomach rumbling,
I hear myself muttering softly:

"Oh pain, oh horror,
Kotz, the 'must go! "

Haste to henceforth WŘrgesaale
I seek the very besond're shell

reaching the Kotzkelch,
wonderful, so what

Pleasure to see him,
just before the WŘrgsaal I stand still,

to break, in order to choke,
but (I can vouch for that),

it is only the juice from the stomach,
the acid, a pain to complain

the puke, which is still far away,
the Kotzkelch - and I! - Have not liked.

Quick, quick, now on to WŘrgesaale,
I carry with me the empty shell,

In this room now arrived,
is at once stunned me completely,

I feel quite angry oppressed,
the puke, she will not come up.

All at once's bubbling deep within me,
before me the Kotzkelch, pure and sheer.

The Kotzst÷ckchen, poking now in the throat,
rises of retching, that's not to laugh.

I Kotzkelch heron in the 'pure,
everything comes out, it must be

WŘrgesaale is in the fine,
It gurgles up the puke my.

But what is it?
It is quite stark,

the stomach's contents can not be
the crumbs are already too small.

A smell, as strange and bad,
rises from the KotzkŘbel.

All the delicate little morsel
stir 'around now I'm using the Kotzst÷ckchen.

Familiar as vomit, still warm,
but I schwant's ... this comes from the gut here!

hochgegluckert through the intestine and stomach,
what is here now in puckert Kotzkelch,

yes, it took the wrong path,
but now it is too late,

the intestinal contents must back out,
otherwise the choking becomes a horror.

The stomach contents, so is it fine,
which must vanish in the Kotzkelch '.

And the moral of the story:
Stimuli Your Guts,
Otherwise the content you from the face
does fall ...
this is not good!


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Long live DerSagenumwobeneKelchDerKotze00001!

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