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Googlism for: elrond

elrond is looking for gothmog
elrond is but two generations removed from the great rebellion of feanor
elrond is very wise; he knows that should the ring remain there
elrond is supposed to
elrond is
elrond is a leader of the free peoples and known to be a bit free with the facts as well
elrond is the only not blond hair elf?
elrond is king and lord of the elves and with his help
elrond is now »brian elrond«
elrond is elrond fangirl #1
elrond is an english run guest house situated 3kms west of the village of villanueva de la concepcion
elrond is proud to be a player
elrond is proud to announce the call for bids to host the 2002 meccg european championships
elrond is master of the last homely house at rivendell
elrond is a fount of knowledge and wisdom
elrond is a mixture between enya?s song ?aniron?
elrond is a manly elf
elrond is certain he chose the wrong path
elrond is organizing his council
elrond is the lord of rivendell
elrond is so damn attractive
elrond is different than the book
elrond is portrayed by mr
elrond is a light hearted character
elrond is directly descended from finwe
elrond is so popular
elrond is a character from jrr tolkien's fabulous middle earth stories
elrond is very under
elrond is old even amongst the immortal elves
elrond is and isn't capable of
elrond is the highest 'ranking'
elrond is at rivendell
elrond is not my real name and none of the names on this site are real either
elrond is speaking about
elrond is a good actor
elrond is one of the most important and oldest figures in middle
elrond is held at which all of the »free peoples« of middle earth are represented
elrond is leaving is duty for someone else
elrond is a terror to fight
elrond is fascinating
elrond is my 2nd fave elf
elrond is wearing
elrond is a character from jrr tolkien's lord of the rings books and the recent trilogy of movies of the same name that has thoroughly enthralled me ^_
elrond is annoyed
elrond is the wise elven leader who forms the fellowship
elrond is known as half elven as he can trace his line back to the legendary luthien and beren
elrond is given to play in the last alliance
elrond is clearly familiar with bombadil to a reasonable degree
elrond is the best
elrond is supposed to look wise
elrond is arwen's father
elrond is impatient
elrond is the master of rivendell
elrond is held outdoors
elrond is an elf of great powers who knows much about the ring
elrond is sitting on his chair frustratedly when everyone is fighting
elrond is involved with a rules rewrite to provide a clear and simple presentation of the rules
elrond is counted amongst the eldar
elrond is in the lord of the ring at his home told to be wearing a silver circlet upon his dark
elrond is among the wisest and most open of all the elven
elrond is the hidden vale
elrond is a
elrond is killed
elrond is good
elrond is not pleased with the match
elrond is sure the task is not suited for them
elrond is clad as he would be under the battle of the last alliance and the siege of barad
elrond is the hidden vale made safe
elrond is studying
elrond is able to remove a splinter of the knife that the pale king used to attack frodo
elrond is exactly the kind of man you need
elrond is a warlock
elrond is merely a noble in the court of the fic's queen
elrond is right
elrond is wise
elrond is a solid
elrond is an elf lord in tolkien's the lord of the rings it was at his council that the ring bearer was asked to take the ring to mordor and set the events of
elrond is sending messengers out to discover who should go
elrond is sitting in a high
elrond is a master of wisdom and lore
elrond is actually the son of sauron and isildur
elrond is an ugly git'
elrond is named viceroy in eriador

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