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Hamlet Hamster über ISendYouMyLove
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Hamlet Hamster schrieb am 11.8. 2004 um 15:05:32 Uhr zu


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I send you my love

She captures my heart
and tickles my soul.
She’s splendid in art
to spleen up and hold
her story Ive been told,
her glory, strong and bold.
This song will flat fold and spread,
waiting to be sold to her heart.
She really is so smart
and I feel so expired,
she’s standing for all the things
I always admired.
Why am I so tired?
So internally fired?
We all face routine as time goes by!
So why the hell am I so shy?

Well, a nice try shall be indicated
but will my words be wall-street-rated?
Will my words be powerful enough
ensuring my approaches of love are not a bluff?
My coaches are Mr. Paper and Mrs. Pen,
I know I can do it, I know I can!
When is the time that might be right
to pick up a leaflet, to write and fight?
And where’s the light that likes me to kiss?
Where are the expressions that I still miss?
And what about the lessons Id like to be taught?
Will there be passion like »Harold & Maude«?
Will my wording session make me win?
I just dont know; best I begin:

"I send you my love
I send you my tears
so high up above
without any fears
without any lipsticks
but filled up with hip tricks
so clean and so funny
to beam up the bunny -
a dream and so yummy -
just reading emotions
Your leading proportions
are feeding the oceans
of mankind minds.
Part of the alliance:
your eyes, your mouth, your sense
and there is no excuse and there is no defence.
Youve blinded me with science
and bounded me to the lion’s fence.
For any pence Ive ever earned
and any trends Ive never learned
I will buy you a castle build on clouds
until it shouts: ‘bean sprouts…’

You are gorgeous and delicious
like horseback riding fishes
and many other dishes
which make me superstitious
having met you once that day
when rain and sun were on the run,
when, hey, you know it better:
I received your magic letter!
So here I am, its my return,
just let’s the fire burn, burn, burn…"

© by Hamlet Hamster

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