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Der hier an die Queen, der ist fast etwas frech, weil England Kloake heisst ... rotzfrech
webeditor@royal.gsx.gov.uk, public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk, psleaderofthelords@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk

Queen Elizabeth,

The age of monarchies and their cloak and dagger governance has come to an end and I am the final nail in the coffin of these historical anachronisms. You are now faced with the choice of overseeing the destruction of the British monarchy’s legacy or ensuring that its final act is honorable and earns the admiration and gratitude of the world and of future generations. Should you continue to listen to your self-serving advisers then the former will happen. Should you however invite me to England to discuss how to forge global consensus for worldwide legislation for population control then the latter will happen.
I hold to key that will free you and the remainder of the world’s leaders from the self-created prison you are all trapped in. But you need to ask me to open the door to your prison cell and order your guards to stand down and let me open the door.
The covert depopulation of the world by toxins deliberately inserted in food, water, air, vaccines and even directly into peoples mouths for the purpose of causing infertility and shorter lifespans is an affront to God and Nature. The rationale for population control is sound but the methods insane.
I understand that structural obstacles stood in the way of legislating population control and that absent consensus you and the world’s leaders had to approve the use of covert methods. I understand that this must have been an agonizing decision but that had you not taken it the world would have been in dire straits. I also understand that the burden of this decision has made your life a living hell. It is time to come out of that hell. It is time to help me tell the world the truth. For only the truth will set us free.
Your subjects have arrested me six times to prevent me from telling the world the truth. With every arrest your credibility and Englands reputation have grown weaker and my credibility and reputation have grown stronger. No one can fight truth and justice and I am their sanctuary.
Help me help the world come back to the light.



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