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Eirikur Birnir schrieb am 12.8. 2002 um 19:57:24 Uhr über


Hello I`m a norwegian boy, with some unanswered questions on my hand, and maybe you could help me with some of these.
You see my grandmother has Parkinson, an uncurable desease they say`. If I`d understood it right, her body is lacking from Dopamine, that gets the body movements going. My question to you is, witch part of the brain produces Dopamine,
(if you could, it would be nice with an short explanation, dopamines function etc,,), In other words, witch zones of the brain doesn`t work correctly (name them if possible) when you have developed Parkinson.
One last question, what kind of exercises can you recomend for a man or woman with Parkinson.
If you would be so kind to answer these question me and my grandmother would be very greatful.
E-mail: zambaer@hotmail.com

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