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guruguru über Bodhisattva

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Becoming a Bodhisattva and escape the sacrifice!
A short retreat at a New Jersey Buddhist Temple convinced me to study Dharma in order to become a Buddhist nun, a Bodhisattva. We were about 20 new female students between 18 and 23 years of age listening first to a general introduction from a guru, and then he inquired everybody at a single session our reason coming to a retreat. He told me my sexual problems would be commonly by most the young girls believing a retreat will help them to find themselves and the right pad in life. He said we made the right decision to come to this Buddhist Temple and that we will find help to cope with our sex desires for many of us who went to unhealthy extremes of our endlessly unsatisfied desires of sex. After an hour listening to him he convinced me to join. The first requirement was to break up any communication with the outside world, including our parents, siblings, boy friends, and girlfriend and with whomever we were befriended. Next we had to turn our savings and valuables over to the temple to cover at the beginning the cost of our food and lodging. Next we could not have any body piercing whatsoever. Thats when my tongue, lips, ears, navel, and clitoris lost those jewels I use to love whenever I had a possibility to engage into sex with a boy or girl. Also the tattoos on my breast, back and ass had to go. We learned not to have any attachment, even to our own physical body or limbs, or to our dear life. All that we might have to sacrifice if the need arises whose decision will be in the hand of our beloved guru and master. He explained our total sacrifice would be most enjoyable for us being our highest bliss seeing and experience our own reincarnation or experience our acceptance into paradise. He said to have observed many girls before entering in sacrifice with indescribable bliss having their body airborne with the most beautiful smile in their face saying thank you to me with the warm breath of a deity, and he always regretted being unable to make his body following enjoying the last time a beautiful and holy sexual union with them the new deities. After tattoo and body perching was removed, next our eyebrows and hair at head, private area and legs had to go. Laying down in the nude several nuns helped working on us with tweezers, on and off, hair by hair. A week later the job was completed not without lots of pain. Per our guru we had to suffer that pain for all the bad karma of attachment and desires we brought to the temple, and later we might have to suffer additional pain for all the wrongs of the women in the world. We soon learned wanting and enjoying suffering in pain inflicted mostly in our genital area and breasts by our beloved guru and his monks to drive out of our bodies and mind our sins of desires and attachment. Most of us could not wait being placed in the nude on the altar in front of the entire male congregation being abused. They enjoyed to hear our screams showing to them that they are successful cleansing our bodies from our sins and with our suffering removing also every time more of the sins of the women at the outside world. We were advised all females are of inferior birth and basically dirty the fact of having menstruation. Also we are blamed to contribute to the vicious cycle of reincarnation because of our ability of childbirth. Also as females we never could reach full enlightenment and the paradise is closed for us unless we are being reincarnated as a male and producing enough good karma in our next life. So we either have to pray being reincarnated as a male or we have to die in a male form. Meaning we have to sacrifice all our female organs before we die. Thus are our breasts, clitoris, vagina and ovaries. Our guru said we would get help to remove those organs when the lord of death requires our body, and our guru will know when that will be. And in case of famine our warm blood and flesh will then serve as food and drink for the people in the temple as well as for the world. They call us Bodhisattva, because we females originally vowed never to enter the paradise and being reincarnated again and again as females until the whole world is saved with enlightenment. Unless we are deciding to die as male or praying being reincarnated as one. A young Bodhisattva, I know her original name, she was from New Jersey, like many of us. We all had our name and date of birth changed so we never can be located and completely vanish for the outside world. Our entire past is being erased also from our mind, having no memories who we where or where we came from. We only will know our new name and new date of birth but not were we were born that we had parents or sibling and friends. The New Jersey girl advised me that our bodies are being used in rituals for sex practices by the gurus and other monks, which is not considered sex as long no male sperms will enter the female body which is being practice till the males reaching perfection sucking out with their penis our feminine fluid and with it our mind and soul to get our feminine power. After repeated successful sucking we will reach complete emptiness of mind and soul and then we are no longer required. At which point we become an empty shell of a body and finally our long desired destruction of our dirty and sinful femininity is completed, being none-existent and nothing else as an illusion allegedly without thought, feelings or pain ready to sacrifice our self with the help of our beloved guru. Also at the stage of complete emptiness, no mind nor soul remaining we are unable to function not even doing the simplest work at the temple and ready to be throw away into the trash or wishing being willingly sacrificed piece by piece till we finally will reach our long yearned bodily death with a cleansed body. Or guru might already know from us how we want our body being handled, we might have asked that all female parts being removed, and naturally all dirty organs like intestines, gallbladder had to be removed, then ready being cooked while still breathing till any last possible sensation of pain has fainted, and the suffering for the women of the world has ceased when life ended completely being cooked meat available as food for the congregation. Children we bear if the males fail to withold their sperm are being put up for adoption, which will pay for our food and loging till we are ready to sacrifice our entire body if we are no longer needed. Also, she told us to be careful not to show having an orgasm, because that would indicate prohibited desire and attachment. Therefore, some of the Bodhisattva had already their clitoris removed to avoid having any sexual pleasure when being used for sex practices by the monks. The nuns did this often in secret among each other with a kitchen knife not to get into serious trouble if it is recognized that they might enjoy sex, an attachment. Breaking that essential vow might carry the death penalty, for all those breaking important vows. Otherwise they have the opportunity to volunteer getting the clitoris removed in a ritual on the altar with a burning hot iron road submitting their body being tied down on hands and feet to restrict movement while a burning red iron road is slowly inserted into their clitoris to burn it out. Thus will be more painfully then doing it in secret with a kitchen knife. The sizzling of the burning flesh at those ritual can be heart and the male congregation absorbing then the sexual female power by inhaling the smell of the burning clitoris. The victims in pain must scream “using my body to burn the sins of the women of the world out of me, give me more pain dont stop hurt me more I want to suffer for their sins, because I love them allAlso. Having an orgasm is disrespectful insulting the guru. Whenever a female student of Dharma lacks of respect to their guru, she has to offer him valuables asking for forgiveness. Hence all of the Bodhisattva having all their material valuables sacrificed, given to the temple for their stay, the only valuable they still have is their own body. Thus they offer to the guru to use at his discretion to abuse or punish physically as he finds appropriate. He might require oral sex, or a punishment might include physical whipping of the females’ genitals. At such time the female is not allowed to scream but rather has to ask for more whipping till the guru finds having caused enough damage. Then he will use their body for the most painfully intercourse for the female with the intention to cause pregnancy. Thus creating childbirth for adoption as payment for the female’s indiscretion. Some Bodhisattvas had sacrificed already their eyes hence they did not need it anymore remembering their prayers and vows by heart. At that point the gurus had pushed them sacrificing their eyes. I believed the real reason was that those Bodhisattvas could not walk away anymore, being blinded unable to find their way out of the underground labyrinth of those temples. Some of the Bodhisattvas who went to much childbirth’s, to week to produce more children, were ready to be sacrificed. A number of them I saw were led to a place being amputated, not before their mouths and throats was toasted with dry heat, unable to make a sound anymore, shaking from fear, they knowing also might be decapitated. Hopefully they were able to say their prayers. That did it to me. I stopped believing the gurus; I did not want to be murdered like that. After witnessing such cruelty my brain was no longer possible to be controlled by our guru and I did not want anymore that continuos sexual abuse, pain and being in prison. I started secretly plotting to escape from that hell, I was exposed to daily. The New Jersey girl helped me a lot. She would have liked to come along but preferred to stay to help others to get away if they understand their fate they are facing, despite the misleading teaching of their gurus. She begged me not to tell her mother what she ends up facing herself if she does not make it out alive. She said it would surely kill her mother if she knew. I knew that I was not at the same temple I originally reported to for the retreat. We were blindfolded driven a couple hours to another place with a beautiful garden and a wild park with a little beautiful stream. I did not know were I was while trying to get far away from my prison traveling mostly at night and hiding during the day, having barely enough cloth to cover my body. Finally I buried my gown, which would have been a giveaway, walking into a farmhouse I had observed for a whole day having only an older couple living there claiming to them I had been raped and dumped here and I could not remember my name nor where I came from. A hospital checked me out confirming injuries from the rapes and physical abuse that occurred at the Buddhists including my body did also show marks from traveling through woods and underbrush and several fallings they related to beatings. The hospitals blood test revealed having been high on ecstasy, a drug which gave me a very high bliss while meditating or when we bodhisattva were dancing in the nude in front of the male congregation giving our bodies to those we apparently had the illusion they being the reincarnated Buddhas. We let them do with our bodies as they wished. We felt no pain when they hit and beat us with thorn branches and loved to bleed giving our blood for them to drink as an elixir of their enlightenment. I felt floating in the universe when I was united with the reincarnated Buddha swallowing his penis into my vagina and actually saw his sperm entering into my heart and brain wishing to die in his arms entering his paradise while being sexually united with his holiness. I recall that many times we drunk that slightly tasting salty seltzer we were overcome with extreme bliss that we wished to had a knife ready to cut of our breasts to give it to our guru as present of our body. However only one girl at a time was allowed to do that. The gurus drank the blood they shed and one must have died with her gurus penis in her vagina. We did not see any of those Bodhisattvas again and were told their whole body floated into the universe as they were allegedly allowed to enter the paradise, having left back their breasts and clitoris for their guru to meditate and sleep with.

I am presently living in a woman’s shelter having a new name, being afraid to return home, because this would be the first place the Buddhists be looking to find me and perhaps to kill me knowing too much of their secrete rituals of female sacrifice. I just started a new job with my new name and new social security number and found a nice small apartment. I heard the Buddhist contacted my worried parents in the attempt to locate my where about. Since my parents had no idea about my escape they claimed I said hello and doing very well, that I became a teacher teaching at several temples the new girls being very busy having not much time. However, I might be able to visit them asking my parents to let them immediately know when they see me, being concerned that I got back all right. They claimed I forgot to take my cell phone along being freely on my own and they lost contact with me and could not directly get in touch with me at my extended travel not knowing which temples I am visiting next.

While I was there I learned that the Buddhists preferred young (18 to 24 years old) healthy single girls, preferable with their own bank account often established by the parents for a college education. Buddhist temples paying recruiters $10.000 to $30.000 each. Recruiters are mob organized. An 18-year-old girl may have 10 babies before she passes her 30, and for her the recruiter gets the maximum. Each off spring can bring easily up $60.000 profit through adoption to the temple. In Tibet boy born was good luck, a girl was bad luck and often killed right after birth. Here in the US there is no baby wasted, all are being put up for adoption making a substantial income for the Buddhist temples. If however the mother’s bodies wear out to early, unable to produce healthy babies, then they are useless and readied for sacrification to the pleasure of the sadistic Buddhist monks and the recruiter looses money at the next recruiting. The adoption involves usually also the mob to cover up the source, as well as for the useful body parts of the sacrificed victims. All girls are permanently locked in. Any escape will be punished by horrible tortures leading to their death.

Ahura Mazda schrieb am 15.3. 2001 um 11:48:43 Uhr zu


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Bodhisattva (sanskrit: »Erleuchtungswesen«): Mit diesem Ausdruck wurde ursprünglich der historische Buddha Siddharta Gautama, in seinen vorhergehenden Inkarnationen und in der Zeit vor seiner großen Erleuchtung bezeichnet. Im Mahayana-Buddhismus bezieht sich der Begriff auf ein Individuum, das die zehn Phasen auf dem Weg zur geistigen Vollkommenheit durchlaufen hat, sich jedoch aus Mitleid dazu entscheidet, das Nirvana aufzuschieben und alle Menschen zur Erleuchtung zu führen.

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